ICO starting on:


Q3 2018 Start of Development
Q4 2020 Mainnet Launch
Tokenprice Development Stage 1
1x 7s = 0,03 €
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  • Oracler testify contract fulfillment (E.G. Design delivery, SEO-Ranking, Payments for flights, weather)
  • 7s is getting users out of their social bubble into discussions (Live)
  • (Local based) Oracler can be selected via blockchain by anyone to testify anything – (disrupt insurance)
  • Polls, involvement and clicks can be easily targeted by companies with bought seeds
  • Influencers earn in an easy and transparent way together with their followers (Live)
  • You don`t argue against different opinions for free but for coins (Live)

What is 7s?

7s is a platform where you can earn crypto money with your opinion in form of votings. You can be part of the community against "fake news", a gambler who wants to win money or you can be a paid and trusted oracler for the insurances and industry. The votings of all kinds are saved on the open 7s blockchain. 7s brings swarm intelligence on the blockchain.



Our Referral Program

Become an Oracler now and be active on our voting platform. If you share/spread your votes and your friends respond to them, you will receive 7s rewards. The more 7s rewards you have, the cheaper you get the 7s tokens.

Become An Oracler NOW


  • 7s Reward Token SaleICO only for active oracler

    1x 7s = 0,02 €

    target: start of the 7s.org beta platform
    get 20% - 50% more tokens
    depending on the amount of your 7s rewards
  • Development Stage 1public ICO

    1x 7s = 0,03 €

    target: start of the 7s.org beta platform
    until approx. Q1 2019
    (from the 2nd phase 0,04 € per 7s token)
  • Security Token Sale(STO)

    1x 7s ST = 7,77 €

    probably 20 million tokens will be issued

    The STO will start as soon as the official approvals have been granted! Create an account and fill out the KYC form to stay up to date.


  • price for a 7s Token 0.02 - 0.05 €
  • runtime of the token sale The 7s tokens are sold over the entire development period.
  • number of ERC-20 tokens for the ICO 4,777,777,777
  • technical restriction of the 7s coins on the 7s blockchain 7,777,777,777
  • token coin differenz 3,000,000,000 coins are reserved for the blockrewards and are therefore not included in the token sale.
  • ICO history The prices of the tokens are linked to the development stages achieved (see Whitepaper 3.2.).
  • Secure opportunities to purchase tokens Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
70%distributed to the community
15%advisor, law & marketing
10%founder and team

Budget Allocation

  • 38% Marketing

    advertising in all possible channels, airdrops, partnerships, payment providers,...

  • 32% Development and Data Center

    salaries and equipment of the development, construction of a data center

  • 18% Operating Costs

    operating costs, salaries of non-technicians and service providers

  • 7% Management

    executive salaries

  • 5% Legals

    company formation, preparation and administration of applications from the authorities, fees, lawyer's fees


  • 2018 Q2
    • initial idea
    • elaboration of the first concept
    • main team building
    • implementation clickdummy
  • 2018 Q4
    • finetuning clickdummy
    • publication whitepaper
    • search of partners and advisories
    • preparation and marketing of the ico
    • erc-20 token creation
    • ico start
    • dev teams building
    • start development 7s.org
  • 2019 Q2
    • start blockchain development
    • start full node software wallet development
  • 2019 Q4
    • start of the 7s testnet miningfarm
    • testnet launch
  • 2020 Q2
    • sourcecode publication
  • 2018 Q3
    • clickdummy going live
    • legals
    • applications to authorities
  • 2019 Q1
    • 7s token airdrop for the top 1000 clickdummy oracler
    • integration of 7s token as voting unit
    • beta release
  • 2019 Q3
    • start miner development
  • 2020 Q1
    • start blockexplorer development
  • 2020 Q3
    • 7s bug hackathon
    • 7s.org fine tuning

How it works

Create an account and manage your 7s ICO. After login you can see all your 7s rewards, 7s tokens and everything related to them. Here you can also make the 7s payout to a private wallet.

Facts of 7s.org:

  • > 1,000

    daily new Oracler worldwide

  • > 50,000

    daily rewards to Oracler

  • > 1,750

    daily new votings

Our Team

  • Michael Dieckmann

    Ideas, Technology and Implementation

  • Matthias Geng

    Platform and DLT Architect, Developer

  • Ercan Güven

    Platform and DLT Architect, Data Center Specialist

  • Hendrik Hoekstra

    eCommerce, Frontend and Backend Developer

  • Gabriel Peleskei

    Backend and DLT Developer

  • Dr. Birgit Dieckmann


  • Maria Luise Schwarz


  • Florian Walter

    Graphic Designer

  • Habib Selmane

    Support, Arabic & English

  • Mohamad Sulaiman

    Support, French & Arabic

Our Advisors

  • Vinod Jose

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

  • Frank Didszuleit

    Phuket, Thailand